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Kirking of Deacon Convener – 9th October

On Sunday 9th October, the newly elected Deacon Convener, Scott Gallacher, along with Craftsmen from all seven Crafts marched behind to the tune of the bagpipes, played by Scott Garden, to Irvine Old Parish Church for the annual Kirking.

The Incorporation and their invited guests, the Depute Provost of North Ayrshire and his fellow Councillors, Captain and members of Irvine Carters Society, President and members of Irvine Burns Club, President and members of Irvine Lasses Burns Club, and representative of Irvine Seagate Rotary, took their places in their respective Lofts in the church gallery.

In the absence of the minister, the service was led by the Clerk to the Incorporation, who is a Reader in the Church of Scotland. During the service the Deacon Convener read the lesson and thereafter, as is the tradition, signed his name in the Trades Bible. 

Following worship, the parade then marched to the Trades Pillar on the Low Green to lay a wreath and the piper played a couple of Scot’s airs. The Deacon Convener invited his guests to the Winton Bowling Club for a light lunch and a time for socializing.